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polywomengp's Journal

Poly Women Research Group
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This is the community for discussions about poly women research.

Membership of the community is by invitation only. All those who have attended real-life discussion groups have been invited to join, as have a few people who are likely to attend in the future. If a new person wants to join, they will be suggested to the whole group before a decision is made. The group is managed in this way because it is important that all group members feel that this is a safe and comfortable space to talk about their feelings and experiences. It is also important that group members are people who are able to attend real life discussions and committed to doing so. We are hoping to run a real-life discussion group at least every two months.

All participants have the right to anonymity. If you would like to be known by a pseudonym, please let the moderators know and we will ensure that you are given a different name in any publications based on the research. All partners, family, workplaces, etc. mentioned will be anonymised.

Please respect confidentiality and don't discuss anything spoken about in the real-life discussions or in this community with anybody outside the group.

If anyone is uncomfortable with anything that has happened in real-life or on-line discussions please let the moderators know and we will do our very best to provide support and to resolve the issue.

All publications based on real-life or on-line discussions will be passed by this community for agreement before being presented/published.

We are committed to 'participant-owned' research, which means that we are keen for everyone to be involved as much as possible in generating topics and questions, in managing discussions, in analysing data, and in deciding what is included in the final reports. Our aim is to give our group a voice in both the academic literature and potentially in press pieces based on these publications.

This community is a women-only space, although linked men's discussions, mixed discussions and trans groups are also happening.

Membership of this community acts as your informed consent to be involved in this research. You may leave this community, and withdraw from the research, at any time.